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Blink is a Leading Owner and Operator of Fast Level 2 and DCFC Charging Stations

Revenue is generated when EV drivers power their cars and Blink shares the revenues with you.

Attract EV drivers via the Blink Network,  Google and Apple Maps, car navigation systems, and  EV driver mobile apps.

Blink's four unique business models are designed for every business, allowing any location to be turned into an EV charging destination.

Blink has been a trusted source of charging solutions for more than 10 years. We are devoted to reducing CO2 emissions by facilitating adoption of EVs. 

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10 Years of Experience

Blink manufactures charging stations, connects them via the Blink Network, and partners with host locations to operate them. Blink offers flexible business models that can be tailored to clients’ specific needs, including a service subscription, a revenue share hybrid ownership model, a host owned model, and a Blink owned model.

Understand why businesses are jumping at the EV charging opportunity.

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Quick guide to learn more about EV charging and Blink solutions.

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The Blink IQ 200

  • Fastest Level 2 AC charger available with multiple configurations to choose from
  • Variable charging currents from 40-80amps allow installation on existing electrical capacity, providing up to 65 miles of charge in an hour
  • Real-time energy use, charger management, and charger status with the Blink Network
  • Cost-efficient deployment of up to 20 chargers utilizing local load management

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125 Million Electric

13 Million Charging Stations

88% of Consumers

The Blink IQ 200 looks like a solid contender to consider for a networked public or semi-public charger. It's compact, powerful, and durable. The 7" color touchscreen is responsive and clear to read. 

- T. Moloughney, InsideEVs

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